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Often referred to as probably the most talented among the new breed of artists in India, Devajyoti Ray’s originality lies in the introduction of pseudo-realism in the realm of fine art. Ray’s brand of pseudo-realism involves the use of offbeat unrealistic colors and abstract shapes which on their own do not have any meaning.


Yet in totality, Ray’s paintings assume comprehendible realism. In other words, while the paintings have the appeal of realism, they are not realistic in composition.

Pseudo-realism however can enter into the realm of fine arts in variety of other ways. In fact one can see the elements of  pseudo-realism in the works of magic realists also. However pseudo-realism is a typical 21st century phenomenon.


Devajyoti Ray: Redifining Pseudorealism in Art

This work of Ray, which shows a Bengali lady cooking, does not show clear countenance, shapes, etc. Colours are also abstract. Yet overall the meaning in discernible.

In a world where opinion is increasingly being dominated and shaped by the pseudo-real representations in the media, politics, literature and even art is bound to be dominated by pseudo-real imagery. It is in this context that pseudo-realism as a style of art assumes further significance.  

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